rose invite

The Gnostic Mass is the central public and private ritual of O.T.O. If you are new to the OTO this would be the perfect opportunity to come along to our local body and become involved in what we do.

The Mass will begin at 4pm and will be followed by an informal feast to celebrate the Thelemic holy day of the ‘feast of the first night of the Prophet and his Bride’. This is a feast to commemorate the consummation of Aleister Crowley and Rose Edith Kelly’s marriage as it was Rose’s aid in the Cairo Working that led to the reception of The Book of the Law.
The Oasis will be preparing a variety of rose flavoured sweet and savoury dishes from around the world including a wide range of vegetarian dishes.
Any contributions of food and especially things to drink would be most welcome.

For the Mass, please arrive in plenty of time for a prompt start as later arrivals will not be permitted to enter the temple.
Those attending the Mass that have been confirmed into the EGC may bring their white robes to wear. If you wish to be baptised or confirmed into the church then please contact the Oasis in advance.

Please dress up and join us in celebrating this feast day.