Gnostic Mass and Man of Earth Initiations Wednesday, Apr 11 2007 

Saturday 14th April Tamesa Oasis will be celebrating Liber XV The Gnostic Mass, followed by 3rd degree initiations.

Mass will be at 4pm, all are welcome to attend and if you own a white robe for E.G.C events then please bring this along to wear.

A small feast will be provided after the Mass for those remaining for the initiations and rebuilding the temple.

For those not of the appropriate degrees to attend the initiations there will be a group of us going out for dinner after the Mass which you are very welcome to come along to.

The initiation will begin at 8pm and is open to all those initiated to 3* and above.

There will be initiation rehearsals on the evening of Friday 13th April which are mandatory for those officering the following day but are open to anyone of the appropriate degrees in order to assist the officers and also to learn more about the ritual itself.

Please arrive in plenty of time for a prompt start at the stated times as later arrivals will not be permitted to enter the temple.

Its going to be a full day with many brethren from different parts of the country in attendance.

Minerval Initiations Tuesday, Jan 9 2007 

On Saturday 24th March we will be holding Minerval initiations.

All initiated to Minerval are welcome to attend, please contact the Oasis
for more information and details of the special dress code for this event.

Three will be a feast with a North African flavour provided after the initiations, if you have any special dietary requirements please us before hand and we can endeavor to accommodate them.
We hope you will com along to welcome our new Minerval and enjoy a wonderful feast.

Inaugural Weekend of Events at Tamesa Monday, Nov 20 2006 

Tamesa Oasis will be launching with a weekend of events on the 25th and 26th on November 2006.

Saturday 25th November there will be 2nd and 3rd degree initiations from 12pm onwards, any OTO members of the appropriate degrees are welcome to attend.

A feast will be prepared and served in the evening by those of the 2nd degree.

Sunday 26th November there will be a celebration of Liber XV The Gnostic Mass starting at 12pm.

All are welcome to attend this event.

There will be a feast provided afterwards, contributions to this will be most welcome.

In addition there will be rehearsals for the initiations on the evening of Friday 24th November which those officering in the next day’s initiations are required to attend and any other member of the appropriate degrees are welcome to come along to and learn more about these rituals.

Its looking to be a great and full weekend, we will have brethren from many parts of the UK attending and we look forward to seeing many people at this inaugural weekend.

If you would like to attend either or both of these events please inform the Oasis secretary by email to and you will be provided with further details of how to get to Tamesa Oasis.

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