On Saturday 23rd June Tamesa Oasis will be holding a class on Liber XV The Gnostic Mass.

This class will be taught by Rodney Orpheus and will include a celebration of the Gnostic Mass for the summer solstice.

The class is open to initiates of OTO only but will finish with a celebration of the Gnostic Mass in the evening which is also open to non-members.

The class is intended for those wishing to perform one of the roles of the Gnostic Mass and will focus on the practical performance of the ritual. Rodney has taught this class in many countries, most recently with Soror Helena in Sweden, and it is always a very informative and popular class.

If you are interested in learning more about this ritual we highly recommend attending this event. The class will be for a full day and will begin at 11am, culminating in a performance of the Gnostic Mass at 7pm.

Please arrive in plenty of time for a prompt 11am start as there is a lot to cover in this class. We will be breaking for lunch during the day so please bring food with you for yourself and to share with the group.

If you are able to bring with you a copy of the Gnostic Mass text this would be extremely helpful. It is important that the version of the script that you bring is the one annotated by Helena and Tau Apiryon which can be found online at http://www.hermetic.com/sabazius/gnostic_mass.htm

This is often a very popular class so please email the Oasis secretary if you are hoping to attend.