Abramelin Oil Blending Class Friday, Aug 31 2007 

On Saturday 8th September at Tamesa Oasis, there will be the opportunity to create your own Abramelin Oil for anointing magickal weapons and creating Cakes of Light.

Crowley wrote:
The Holy Oil is the Aspiration of the Magician; it is that which consecrates him to the performance of the Great Work; and such is its efficacy that it also consecrates all the furniture of the Temple and the instruments thereof. It is also the grace or chrism; for this aspiration is not ambition; it is a quality bestowed from above. For this reason the Magician will anoint first the top of his head before proceeding to consecrate the lower centres in their turn (…) It is the pure light translated into terms of desire. It is not the Will of the Magician, the desire of the lower to reach the higher; but it is that spark of the higher in the Magician which wishes to unite the lower with itself. – Book 4 Ch. 5

Recipes will be provided for several different blends, including that of Aliester Crowley, S. L MacGregor Mathers and a recipe from the Bible which Abramelin oil was based on.

The class will begin at 4pm. All materials will be provided and each person will be able to take away a small vial of their own blend created on the day. There will be a charge of £5 to cover the cost of these materials.

There will be a Mass of Baphomet after this class, if you would like to stay for this then please bring food to share with the group in between.

Mass of Baphomet Friday, Aug 31 2007 

On Saturday 8th September Tamesa Oasis will be hosting a Mass of Baphomet.

This is a group ritual taken from the book ‘Abrahadabra’ by Rodney Orpheus.

No previous group ritual experience is required, it is a simple ritual that is easy for a small group to perform to dramatic effect.

This ritual was extremely successful and enjoyed by the group last time it was performed and we hope it will be again.

We will begin at 6pm, please arrive for a prompt start and where comfortable clothing.

Before this Mass there will be a class on blending Oil of Abramelin. If you would like to attend the full day at Tamesa then please brings some food to share with the group between the the two events.

Feast of Roses Tuesday, Aug 14 2007 


This weekend at Tamesa we celebrated the first night of the Prophet and his Bride with a Feast of Roses.

The first night of the Prophet and his Bride is one of the Thelemic holy days as set out in the collects of Liber XV The Gnostic Mass, it commemorates the consummation of the marriage between Aleister Crowley and Rose Edith Kelly who was instrumental in instigating the events that lead to the writing of The Book of the Law in 1904.
Hence why we had a feast of Roses!

The Oasis was decked out in decorations for the occasion:

roses decorations2


roses decorations4


Everyone who attended wore something in red to match and the members of the Oasis made a variety of dishes all flavoured with rose.

The selection of dishes included:

  • Safaid Murgh Gulabi – Chicken and rose petal curry with minted rice
  • Roasted organic leg of lamb in zucchero rosato and rosemary marinade
  • Moroccan roasted vegetables with ras el hanout scented couscous
  • Carrot halwa – a sweetened carrot and rose water dish
  • Orange segments in rose water
  • Rose creams dipped in bitter chocolate
  • Rose water iced fairy cakes with candied rose petals
  • Rose petal biscuits from an 18th century English recipe
  • Fresh cream Victoria sponge with strawberries and rose petal jam
  • Rose lassi
  • Iced fizzy rose water


The food was delicious and disappeared in moments

roses food


It was a wonderful feast and very much enjoyed by all who attended.

This was a public event attended by both members of Tamesa Oasis and other local bodies from across the UK and people not initiated to the O.T.O.

Please join the mailing list to be kept informed of more events like this as well as details of forthcoming initiations, classes and Gnostic Masses.

Banner For This Website Tuesday, Aug 14 2007 

A new banner has been created to tie in with our new website:




If you would like to repost this banner linking back to this website, the code you will need is:

<a href=”http://tamesa.abrahadabra.net/”><img src=”http://tamesa.abrahadabra.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/tamesabanner2.jpg” /></a>

Feast of Roses Thursday, Aug 2 2007 

rose invite

The Gnostic Mass is the central public and private ritual of O.T.O. If you are new to the OTO this would be the perfect opportunity to come along to our local body and become involved in what we do.

The Mass will begin at 4pm and will be followed by an informal feast to celebrate the Thelemic holy day of the ‘feast of the first night of the Prophet and his Bride’. This is a feast to commemorate the consummation of Aleister Crowley and Rose Edith Kelly’s marriage as it was Rose’s aid in the Cairo Working that led to the reception of The Book of the Law.
The Oasis will be preparing a variety of rose flavoured sweet and savoury dishes from around the world including a wide range of vegetarian dishes.
Any contributions of food and especially things to drink would be most welcome.

For the Mass, please arrive in plenty of time for a prompt start as later arrivals will not be permitted to enter the temple.
Those attending the Mass that have been confirmed into the EGC may bring their white robes to wear. If you wish to be baptised or confirmed into the church then please contact the Oasis in advance.

Please dress up and join us in celebrating this feast day.

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