We have a busy weekend planned at Tamesa from Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th May.

  • Friday 23rd May - Rehearsals and initiation temple set-up followed by ‘Meet the O.T.O.’ open social.

The officers for the following day’s initiations will be running through the rituals and setting up the temple for a prompt start the following day. All officers MUST attend in order to take part and any other initiated members are encouraged to attend to assist.

In the evening we will be going on to our favourite local, warm, friendly pub for our regular open social meeting. If you are curious about the O.T.O. and would like to find out more and meet some of the members this is a prefect opportunity to do so. All are welcome but it is over 18s only.

Please contact the Oasis Secretary to find out where we will be and how to find us.

  • Saturday 24th May – Man of Earth Initiations into Ordo Templi Orientis

Minerval Initiations will begin at 11am. I* will begin at 2pm and II* will begin at 3pm.

To attend the initiations please arrive from 10am. Minerval candidates please arrive promptly at 10.30am, all fees must be paid at this time in order for the initiations to go ahead. Late arrivals will not be admitted. Applications for initiation on this date are now closed.

To attend these initiations you must be an initiated member of O.T.O. to the relevant degrees or above. Attendees are strongly encouraged to dress appropriately for the Minervals, O.T.O. robes MUST be worn for admittance to the I* and II* initiations. Please contact the secretary for further details of dress code.

There will be a feast in honour of the newly made Minervals in the evening given by the II* members which is open to all members of the Order. Please contact the Oasis Secretary in advance to confirm your attendance.

  • Sunday 25th May – Celebration of Liber XV The Gnostic Mass.

Gnostic Masses at Tamesa Oasis are open to all who wish to attend.

Those attending the Mass that have been confirmed into the E.G.C. should bring their white robe to wear. If you wish to be Baptised or Confirmed into the church then please contact the Oasis in advance.

There will be a small feast after the Mass, please bring food and drink to share with others for this.