Tamesa Oasis has been shut down for some time. This website remains open for historical purposes only.

We would like to thank all of the people who attended Tamesa Oasis and worked so hard to make the local body so successful. If there was something that we were particularly good at here it was always working very hard, whether that be at group ritual, initiations, or celebrating! And the feasts were always spectacular.

All of the work that went into Tamesa Oasis will now be continued throughout the Order at the many other local bodies both in the U.K. and internationally. This website will remain available as it contains many useful resources and information about O.T.O. and as a testament to the hard work and ‘love under will’ that all of Tamesa’s members put into it. We hope that it may prove to be a useful resource to those that view it, please do take a look through to see the sort of events that we were holding here, there is a large variety, and to learn more about O.T.O. and how to get involved.