On Saturday 8th September at Tamesa Oasis, there will be the opportunity to create your own Abramelin Oil for anointing magickal weapons and creating Cakes of Light.

Crowley wrote:
The Holy Oil is the Aspiration of the Magician; it is that which consecrates him to the performance of the Great Work; and such is its efficacy that it also consecrates all the furniture of the Temple and the instruments thereof. It is also the grace or chrism; for this aspiration is not ambition; it is a quality bestowed from above. For this reason the Magician will anoint first the top of his head before proceeding to consecrate the lower centres in their turn (…) It is the pure light translated into terms of desire. It is not the Will of the Magician, the desire of the lower to reach the higher; but it is that spark of the higher in the Magician which wishes to unite the lower with itself. – Book 4 Ch. 5

Recipes will be provided for several different blends, including that of Aliester Crowley, S. L MacGregor Mathers and a recipe from the Bible which Abramelin oil was based on.

The class will begin at 4pm. All materials will be provided and each person will be able to take away a small vial of their own blend created on the day. There will be a charge of £5 to cover the cost of these materials.

There will be a Mass of Baphomet after this class, if you would like to stay for this then please bring food to share with the group in between.