On Sunday 29th July, there will be I* initiations at Tamesa Oasis followed by a celebration of Liber XV The Gnostic Mass in the afternoon.

The initiations will begin at 11am, all initiated to I* and above are welcome to attend.
The Mass will begin at 3pm and is open to all.
Please arrive in plenty of time for a prompt start at the stated times as later arrivals will not be permitted to enter the temple.

As with all initiations at Tamesa, those officering are required to attend a rehearsal the evening before (Saturday 28th), this will also be open to anyone of the appropriate degrees wishing to learn more about the initiation ritual. Please contact the Oasis secretary for further details on this.If you would like to attend both of these events then you will be welcome to remain at the Oasis for lunch, please bring a small contribution for food and drink for this, or if you are only able to attend the Mass then there will also be a feast in the evening.

Please bring your OTO robe with you to wear to the initiations.
Those attending the Mass that have been confirmed into the EGC may bring their white robes to wear. If you wish to be baptised or confirmed into the church then please contact the Oasis in advance.

If you are new to the OTO then a Gnostic Mass is the perfect opportunity to come along to you local body and become involved in what we do.
Our last event was a great success, the Tai Chi class was a wonderful experience and we hope to see many of you again soon.